Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bright Scars

author's note:

“It is apparently more important to nature that one should have consciousness, understanding, than to avoid suffering.”
                         -- C.G. Jung


I knew we all saw
(but respectfully ignored)
the red scar running down
the back of his scalp

which caused me to wonder
if that party crowd had also
spied the back of me...?

What graceful humanity
when we try so hard
to be polite, to be discreet--

an act of great kindness, yes
to speak whimsical nonsense
as we gaze into a shocking mirror.

But apparently, we feel the need
to release the tension
created by our courtesy:

for that purpose
we choose a few loud personalities
who gladly tell the world how the first blow
knocked them out

and how they then had to hit themselves
so many times for so many years
before they finally woke up

to slowly began their work of mending.

Who but a shameless fool
would proudly display
a glaring wound in public--?--

but through their stories
they encourage us to touch
and then to heal
what still smarts
beneath the surface--

violations that run so deep down.

In their artless way,
these blessed fools show us the beauty
of what before seemed so ugly--

yes, red scars can shine light

but only after
I've stitched myself back up...

© 2013, Michael R. Patton
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