Sunday, November 24, 2013

Memo to Our Tent City Kids

author's note:

So much damage has and will come from allowing families to lose their houses.

Child abuse can take many forms.


Kids, if you're living
in a tent city
I can empathize

and perhaps, advise...

you see, my life's plan
has kept me free
from secure roofs
for much of my adulthood--

like you, I've endured
the instability
of flapping wind-blown shelters

but living with such uncertainty
has taught me
                   to listen to the wind.

I discovered I'd be safe
as long as I obeyed
the guidance of its current.

I also know now
I should never stop listening

because in truth, all roofs
are flapping tents
no matter how solid
they may seem.

Just ask the astrophysicists:

change is the nature of the Universe--

everything moves--!--

but they also say:
there's a pattern to all that movement--

there's a design, if we can just see it.

Maybe someday you and I
will finally arrive at that vision,
but until then, we must trust the wind.

If all these ideas
cause you even more discomfort
maybe you can find some solace
in this observation:

after carefully considering all I've seen
I've concluded
this life was never intended
to be too comfortable
for any human being.

© 2013, Michael R. Patton
searching for the new mythology

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