Sunday, February 20, 2011

Growing Motions

author's note:

“I learn by going where I have to go.”
          --  Theodore Roethke


Though my hunger may lead me
through a gypsy dance...

whirls of cloud
swirling in the rush
of a screaming violin wind
describe a reality
that only appears

These locomotions
remain with me
though the energy may seem to be
flung away
by the centrifugal force.

When I stop
long enough to listen...
what exists at the core
tells me nothing is lost--

what exists at the core
sits still
still smiles
even when I’m spiraling down
through an abyss--

still smiles, knowing
how my ambulations
always grow me--
no matter where I go.

© 2011, Michael R. Patton
audacious audio

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