Sunday, November 17, 2013

Message to Future Archeologists

author's note:

I want to be remembered--even if I'm remembered as "anonymous author".


10,000 years from now...

if the archeologists discover my poetry
will they laugh when they see this line
repeated so many times:
“Oh what a strain--!--
 every single step of the way!”

but I wouldn’t blame them if they did:

even to me,
my pain sometimes seems
pitifully insignificant:

a pebble

when viewed from a distance

becomes a boulder
when confronted up close

and then a mountain
when I actually try to climb
over to the other side...

I keep fighting
because I feel so weak in this fight--
I want to defeat that weakness.

Because I'm so easily defeated
I often feel discouraged
but then, realizing my strong desire
to get over that pebble
I rediscover my strength...

10,000 years from now,
if archeologists uncover my poetry
I hope this fragment won’t be lost:

I wasn't alone--
all the rest also strained
with every step

and maybe to you
our boulders seem as small as pebbles
but to us...

our fear was as big as a mountain

and despite appearances
to the contrary,
I believe we all tried
to a find a way
to climb over our pain--
to arrive on the other side.

© 2013, Michael R. Patton
Glorious Tedious Transformation

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